What We Do & Why We Do It

The most innovative and high-impact companies in the world invest time, talent, and treasures into research and development.
They use R&D to improve what they are doing, to solve pressing problems, & to pursue groundbreaking innovations in their industry.
We help schools and educators do the same thing.
We do this by giving you R&D tools and resources; providing research, development, and innovation training for your organization; helping you launch and run a R&D unit for your school; partnering with you to create a prototype for a new school, program, education product, or service; supplementing your existing R&D efforts; coordinating and hosting cross-organizational R&D units; and offering research, development, and innovation coaching and consulting for educational leaders.

Quests, Experiments, Challenges

We design and facilitate educational quests, experiments, and challenges.

Research & Development

We lead or help you create research and development teams that improve what you do, solve problems, or create prototypes of next generation educational products.

Training & Learning Resources

We provide unconventional training for individuals and organizations.

Step 1

Join the BLL League of Extraordinary Educators mailing list to get free education R&D resources, and to learn more about what we offer.

Step 2

Use the free resources; and choose from the other courses, webinars, workshops, and resources that we share with you each month.

Step 3

Contact us for a free consultation about your school’s R&D needs.

The BLL Blog

Orbiting Academic Hairballs

In Orbiting the Giant Hairball: A Corporate Fool’s Guide to Surviving with Grace, author Gordon MacKenzie writes that a hairball is “policy, procedure, conformity, compliance, rigidity, and submission to the status quo, while orbiting is Read more…

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