Our research and development learning labs design and develop workshops, training, books, curricular resources, challenges, events & experiences, whitepapers, research reports, podcasts, media, and other experimental products.

We also partner with organizations to design and manage research and customized training and/or development teams that serve as an extension of existing schools and organizations or to help address a strategic need. Please contact us if you are interested in discussing this option.

Education Books & Publications

Humanizing the Online Classroom: Seeking and Celebrating the Human Experience in Distance Education
Website / How to Order: In Progress
Lab: Human-Centered Learning Environment Lab

Breathe: A Vision and Framework for Human-Centered Learning Environments
Website / How to Order: Amazon ebook / contact for bulk order options
Lab:The Human-Centered Learning Environment Lab

Learning Beyond Letter Grades: Promising Practices in Grading, Feedback, and Assessment
Website / How to Order: In Progress
Lab: The Beyond Letter Grades Research Lab

Education & Learning Podcasts

The Edu Futures podcast a weekly show about forecasts, frontiers, and futures in education. Join us as we co-create the future of education, one conversation at a time.
Website: https://www.futurex.fm/edu-futures (also available on iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play)
Status: Launched in 2020 and still releasing weekly episodes.

Partner: The Future X Podcast Network
Lab: The Future of Education Lab

The Moonshot Edu Show is a predecessor to the Edu Futures show, representing interviews with 60 educational innovators and difference makers.
Website: http://moonshotedu.com/ (also available on iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play)
Status: 60 episodes from 2016-2018
Lab: The Life Experiment Lab