We offer books, whitepapers, research reports, games, podcasts, media, and other experimental products. Most come from the work of a current or past Birdhouse Learning Labs research and development lab. And while they are not the core of what we do, sometimes we play with other simple products to celebrate our mission, vision, and values…like the t-shirts at the bottom of this page.

Product: Book – 12 Quests: Life Experiments to Expand Your Heart and Mind (85 pages)
Description: This book is a gift to all who seek more inspiration, meaning, and adventure in their lives. Twelve Quests is a guidebook, part book and part treasure map, a modern version of Hercules’ Twelve Labors, only you play the role of Hercules. Each chapter is a time-bound quest. The author provides a brief background to the quest, explains the underlying research, and provides you with a list of steps to accomplish on the journey. The rest is up to you. Instead of physical feats, these are mental, emotional, and experiential challenges focused upon what science and ancient wisdom identify as promising pathways to well-being.
Website / How to Order: Kindle Pre-Order Now / Paperback Available October 15, 2019
Price: $9.99 for Kindle Version / $15.00 for Paperback
Lab: The Life Experiment Lab

Product: Book – Learning Beyond Letter Grades: Promising Practices in Grading, Feedback, and Assessment
Description: This forthcoming book challenges the relevance of the dominant letter grade system in education, offering a variety of alternatives and supplements to feedback, assessment, and grading that better align with the mission and values of many educators and school leaders.
Website / How to Order: Expected release by March 2020 through Rowman & Littlefield Publishing
Price: TBD
Lab: The Beyond Letter Grades Research Lab

Product: Podcast – What is in the Air
Description: This is website and associated podcast where each article/episode highlights a simple experiment (usually 7-10 days) that helps to explore the promise and possibility of positive psychology in one’s life and work.
Website / How to Order: www.whatisintheair.com
Price: Free
Lab: The Life Experiment Lab