We are delighted to announce the newest project from the Human-Centered Learning Environment Lab, a forthcoming book called Humanizing the Online Classroom: Seeking and Celebrating the Human Experience in Distance Education.

For the many educators finding themselves venturing into online learning for the first time, this book offers practical insights on how to keep the learning experience relational, meaningful, engaging, and enriching. For those who are distance learning veterans, it offers encouragement, inspiration, and tips on how to keep their courses relevant and relational.

Each chapter offers a shift in thinking that promises to enrich the online experience for learner and educator alike.

How do we approach your online classroom like a collection of experiments, inviting learners to be fellow investigators?

How do we enrich important content through the age-old power of story?

How do we extend the concept of curriculum from content and assignments to personally meaningful life lessons and insights?

How do we avoid our course turning into a checklist of tasks for learners to complete, instead creating opportunity for the transformative power of wonder and curiosity?

How do we keep our assignments and course from turning into monotonous exercises, instead making them purposeful and meaning-rich?

How do we fulfill our role and responsibility of teacher while inviting learners to be co-creators of the course, resulting in much higher levels of ownership and engagement?

How can we shift the mindset of learners from one of trying to earn points and grades to seeking feedback and mentoring that will help them grow and thrive?

Finally, how can we create a classroom that encourages learning from a place of well-being instead of the constant prodding of anxiety-inducing rules and requirements?

Readers will discover tips on how to tap into the power of wonder, curiosity, and meaning; invite learners to become co-creators of a vibrant learning community; nurture deep and valued mentoring relationships; and replace a culture of compliance and earning with one of authentic and lasting learning.

Interested? Stay tuned for more information.