Thomas Edison had Menlo Labs. Lockheed Martin has Skunk Works. Google has Google X. What if you could have your own R&D team?

We are excited to discuss the possibility of partnering to launch and host a new thematic R&D learning lab with you.

These labs can serve as an extension of your organization. We can also be design a lab to support a strategic need or priority of a your school, education or publishing company, foundation, think thank, professional association, or other organization.

Our work is focused upon applied research, with the goal of generating prototypes for new learning products and services.

Labs can be ongoing or time-bound, typically a minimum of 12 months. All labs require advance funding for at least 12-months of operation so that we build a custom team for your needs.

We are open to negotiating a variety of arrangements regarding funding strategies as well as ownership of any intellectual property generated from a R&D lab partnership.