We offer learning experiences designed around a focused quest or challenge. While quests often involve new content and concepts, our focus is upon helping the participant take action, learn by doing, gain new insight, discover new possibilities, and complete the quest with a valued and useful treasure or tool.

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The Mini Quest Challenge – COMING SOON

Are you interested in exploring the power of quests and adventures in your classroom and school? This challenge will help you design a series of your first 3 mini-quests that you can test out in your classroom and/or school. From this, you can go on to build truly epic adventures.

Slaying Education Dragons in Your Classroom & School – COMING SOON

This is a guided quest to find and slay a “dragon” that is keeping you, your students, and your school from the treasures of an education grounded in traits like curiosity, mystery, experimentation, exploration, wonder, adventure, epiphany, agency, and ownership. Each participant chooses a “dragon” that they want to slay (or problem that they they want to solve), and they are guided through a process to define the problem, better understand it, brainstorm and prototype solutions, and devise a plan for next steps.

Designing Self-Directed Learning Quests in Your Classroom – COMING SOON

This is a quest where you will learn how to design and facilitate self-directed learning quests with students.

The Wonder Quest – COMING SOON

Wonder is one of the most memorable and powerful human experiences. In this quest, you will go on a learning journey to discover how to create more wonder-filled and awe-inspiring learning experiences.

The Life Experiment Quest – COMING SOON

In this quest, you will learn how to design and facilitate simple “life experiments” that add depth, relevance, and meaning to any course or content.